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These shears are equipped with a special notch that can cut branches of large diameter. The notch also holds the branch back while cutting it: this prevents the branch from slipping. The operator can also work closing his hand even more and, consequently, he can cut with more strength. The tool has got a shock-absorber and cushion in order to avoid making the hand articulation and muscles tired. The blade unit is made of steel with a high carbon content and it is hot forged and tempered with heat treatment ( 58 HRC ). The blade offers an anti-adherent coating that increases penetration (on request ). An inside grease container lubricates the secateurs constantly. There is also a notch for cutting small diameter wires and a counter-blade with a sap groove to wipe dirt away. The blade and the counter-blade play can be adjusted to perfection assuring a clean and precise cut. The alloy aluminium handles are lined with anti-slipping rubber.


Technical Specifications



: ML

: 8,3 in

: 8,4 oz

: 1 in

recommended for

recommended for :














Product maintenance

The life of VESCO tools depends on the way the operator looks after them.If the following maintenance operations are carried out correctly and regularly, the shears will always work perfectly and they will also last longer.

1. Clean all the tool parts accurately after the shears are used

2. Lubricate the rotating parts and the spring once a week

3. Check and adjust the blade and counter-blade play. If it is necessary.

a. Lock a n° 17 tube wrench in a vice

b. Fit the central screw hexagonal head into the tube wrench and tighten slightly

c. Use a n° 14 wrench to tighten the central nut

d. Turn the n° 14 wrench and shears simultaneously ( the same way as the arrow ) until the spring is able to open the shears

4. Check all the tightening of all the screws once a week

5. Sharpen the mobile blade when it does not cut properly using VESCO stones - F2, F3

6. When the shear is not used for long periods, protect the steel surfaces with a light film of oil.

spare parts

Spare Parts

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art. F2

shaped sharpening stone

art. F3

natural sharpening stone

art. F5

multi-purpose sheath (for pruning shears)

art. F6

cone-shaped sheath (for pruning shears)

Fiere / Fairs

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